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Feminism: what's it to you?


Extended Comments (Brook's Blog)
"Fear of Feminism" by: Lisa Maria Hogeland

Whether or not women are afraid of feminism. I hav
e never thought about that. Despite that, I would have to agree on that belief that Hogeland holds. While reading Brooks post about Hogeland's article my questions were answered. Women are fearful of feminism as Brooks brought up the point Hogeland made, which is stereotype of feminism. The idea that if you are feminist automatically makes you lesbian. It is so crazy to assume that because there are many women who support feminism in many ways. For example, I believe in feminism and I still considered myself straight in my sexual orientation. 

These stereotypes are keeping all women from the one goal they are aiming to reach, which is equality with men. Everyone deserves equality regardless of your sexual orientation. Women deserve to feel acceptance just like anyone else whether you are blue or an alien or a male. Gender is our status; socially and legally as a women, men, boys and girls. Gender is also how we feel about ourselves and how we express our gender. overall, the culture is in control towards gender roles and how mascline and felinity is defined as told by Planned parenthood.Planned Parenthood asked, what does it mean to be a women or a man? They answered by stating sex organs is not exactly the right answer because it is a group of things, such as our beliefs, behaviors, and our characteristics. How do you act, talk and do you behave like a man or a woman. Are you both feminism and masculine or feminism or masculine. 

Feminism correlates with these words, dependent, emotional, quiet, graceful, flirtious, soft, sexually submissive. While masculinity is defined as independent, non emotional, aggressive, tough, competitive, sexually confident, self confident. It is ridiculous, all women can feel self confident in themselves. It is how women have made strides in history such as gaining the right to vote. Women are equally sexual as men even though they may show it differently but that is okay. We were made the way we were for a reason. Personally, I hate the feeling of dependency so I try to be as independent as possible. I can do what any man can do, I may acomplish the task in a different manner but that is not a big deal. Its say that we wait for the prince to come save the damsel. Honestly, i would hate to wait for some prince. I would try my hardest to be deepened on only myself. I find this idea of stereotyping gender with certain words because women have testosterone. Everyday health states that women have testosterone because its important to the mix of horomones that keep women's mood, energy levels and sex drive functioning properly.  If we share similar horomones then I have no problem in seeing a man cry because we al have emotions. 

Men should be accepted when they feel  same traits as women because we all cry and have our quiet moments. We all want sex and feel independent. The media has such ludicrous views of men and women, let the people be. It is not possible to mold someone to the ideal person because it does not exist. It is more than our physical gender that defines who we are. 

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Pecha Kacha

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-Emma Holman

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Addition to Social Justice Events: Diversity Week:  Disability and Employment

While listening to this speaker talk on behalf of Diversity and Employment I saw connections to SCWAAP. SCWAAP is an ideaology that we live by as we are born into it. SCWAAP stands for Straightness, Christianity, Whiteness, Able Bodiness, Americaness, Maleness and Property Ownership. The speaker stated how people who deal with disability(s) may deal with some hardships as they move from interview to interview. This group of people are judged by their Able bodiness. The employer questions if they can physically withstand the job, the employer continues to question as they wonder where is this person coming from. What social class? One aspect that is declared instantly is Maleness, is the interviewee as women or men because women are paid less than men are within the work force. For example, if I were to interview for a place of work they would question if I could handle the job duties if they were aware of my language disorder. The employer may assume that I am not qualified because I am not socially comfortable and I become confused at written work easily. While this employer would be proven wrong as I am smarter than a person with dyslexia is given credit for. Employers do not always take the time to see how some people with language difficulties need to translate the work in their own way to understand what they must complete.
Addition to Social Justice Event: Diversity Week: Advocacy and Beyond

This event reminded me of Alan Johnson's article because his main point is how we live in a unfair world that is not just. In this world, we as people are determined into identity categories. For example, a person who is blind may be seen as that person who walks around with a white stick, "that un-abled person." The kind of person who deals with a disability that visually seen so they are seen as dependent instead of independent.
Emma Holman

Week 14

The Roles of Allies as Agents of Change by Andrea Ayvazian
Combatting Intentional Bigotry and Inadvertently Racist Acts by Fletcher Blanchard

Blanchard believes that within our world there is still a significant presence of racial discrimination as he said "Your vocal opinions affect what others think and say." He states that he has seen racism from  experiments he has completed with college students. From some of his studies, he has discovered that the number of white people exposed to people of color before college is a minority. From this information Blanchard thinks that we all need to work to come together so we can accept each other presence and proximity as well as the friendship between a white person and a black person.

Ayvazian feels that if we are ever faced with some kind of oppression, the best kind of help is to become an ally. Ayvazian believe an ally is a member of a dominant group in our society who works to take a part all forms of oppression from where he or she is given a benefit. Ayvazian wants us all to take a stand, use our personal responsibility to make the societal changes that must be altered. She did not say it is an easy task as she states that questions the social norm consistently until change is made. It is not fair for some to be targeted with oppression while others are not.
Ayvazian continues on with "oppression" to show the combinatoin of prejudice and access to social, political, and economic power exists on the side of the dominant group. This leaves the other group of people to be considered the "target" who are denied the advantage.

These two articles go hand in hand as Ayvazian is speaking on behalf a more general "wall" she wants to break down while Blanchard is speaking for a more specific wall, which is racism. People who are of color can be seen as oppressed because not all people accept people of color. These people who are not accepting will target the group of colored people. Make them feel less of a human, not as important, unwelcome in the area. The group of unkind people will be advantaged with the power to be unaccepting and live comfortably while the group of black people will be "targeted" with disgusted looks, invalid judgements and hard jokes. Blanchard believes that to solve this issue it will take multiple little things as a whole. The little things can be seen a significant things, such as smiling or keeping the door open for someone. The movement we must make is large but taking baby steps is the best way to success. Blanchard reminds us that from a public poll, only a few white college students have grown up in an integrated area, attend school with a diverse body of students, watched their parents talk with people of color. Which can make college a culture shock, however this does not mean we treat blacks any less. It simply means what Blanchard states, to regulate racial harassment, aimed squarely at the well intentioned many, consists of urging civility. He also states an importance on the punishment of hurtful actions and/or words spoken. It will take more than laws to change this issue which encompasses civility and punishments.

This wall of issues could be represented in many other derogatory ways as well. For example people who identify as lesbian/gay/pansexual. However, if someone feels a little Ayvazian in them, they may step up as an ally. When stepping up as an ally, it may not break the wall down completely. Despite that you are raising the problems about the topic. For example, the PFLAG, which are Parents, Families, and Friends of Lesbians and Gays who organize support groups as well create advocacy among other heterosexuals regarding the problems of gay and lesbain liberation. When a "straight" person is taking instead of a people who is considered lesbian people may listen more. The speaker will show how that even heterosexuals have an impact on the LGBT community. People want to listen from someone they can relate to, a struggling single mom or a two adult mom and dad pair. They may think less of the gay couple who has adopted a child as an image can speak a thousand words.

 Frye states oppression means to be stuck in a bird cage, I believe that Ayvazian and Blanchard may agree because until we as a people improve discrimination and actually being an "ally"  many are stuck in a bird cage while others aren't due to their social class and appearance.

This made me think of being an innocent bystander. When people watch someone else drop something, one person is eagerly ready to help while more than often others will walk right by. I think we need to work on being an innocent bystander as well as an "ally."

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Week of November 16th

The Feminist Sexuality Debate
Ann Ferguson


While reading this article I became lost in attempting to comprehend bit and pieces through out the article. However, I could clearly see some important distinctions. The most vital one is the clarification between the two feminism. I thought it was strange to have two types but it made more sense as the reading went on. The two kinds of feminism are Radical feminism and Libertarian feminists. Radical feminism is identified by the group of people who live in a lesbian community, that  frowns upon male dominated heterosexual sex which includes pornography, prostitution, and adult/child relationships. Libertarian consider themselves to be heterosexual feminists who support any kind of consensual sexuality that brings the participants pleasure which include pornography, role oriented sex, and adult/child sexual relations.

Radical Feminism

"Heterosexual relations generally are characterized by an ideology of sexual objectification (men as slaves owners and women as the slave)"
The statement above states that men are seen as the person in control of what will happen and then women has absouletly no say in the choice to the matter. In this matter things like rape can occur which is not taken well by the public.

I think that using someone as a "slave" is not right, taking advantage of someone is not fair. It is different if you ask politely for their help, if you assume and demand them to do something for you then this is something that should be questioned. A women is not an object, they are as much a person as men. We may look a certain way despite that, we should not be taken advantage because of how we look.

"The attendant ideology of sexual objectifcation is sadomasochism, that is masculinity as sadistic control over women and femininity as submission of the male will."
Essentially, this states when you take advantage of someone in a sexual manner that in some way inflicts pain on that person that pleasures the person inflicting pain. Submission in this manner that one person is taking control of the situation end.

Personally, I think taking control over someone in any way is disrespectful, I found it even more intrusive when it is regarding a sexual manner because that is very invasive to someone's personal space. A sexual encounter for people is important part of life so it is not something they want to be ruined by a uncomfortable experience. It is our own experience we should be able to control how it happens. For example, lets say there is a couple who love each other and want to wait a certain amount of time to go to that level of a relationship, neither of them would want to have that special time in their relationship ruined due to someone physically inflicting pain on either person from that relationship. 

Liberal Feminism

"This begs the question, for any feminist position has to examine the concept of consent itself in order to explore hidden power structures that place women in unequal positions."

This quote essentially stating  idea of consent between a man and women facing possible sexual encounters. It is trying to say that women should always be faced with consent because a sexual encounter should not be forced, if it is forced then a liberalist would believe it is not respectful to the woman.

This group of people want women to feel comfortable, not uncomfortable when asked to partake in a sexual encounter. When you hurt someone in sexual sense that can inflict a significant amount of physical and emotional damage. A close friend of mine was physical affected by men in her life and it hurt her in the way she was scared to meet new men. She was afraid of what could happen due to past experiences.

"To further resolve this dilemma I think we must adopt a transitional feminist sexual morality that distinguishes between basic, risky, and forbidden sexual practices."
Ferguson states we should state a clear and fair practice regarding sexual practices with things that we should do and things we should not do.

This discovery of finding a fair sexual practice of do's and don'ts will take a long time to become a successful use for people. People who are charged as sex offenders may not ever see what they do to women or young children as a negative action. We simply cannot tell people what is wrong or what we see as "wrong." You can bring a horse to water but you cannot force it to drink.

The author wants to find a correct theory regarding feminism in a sexual perspective. However, this is something that will take significant time as these two groups of feminists are so diverse. When a group of people have a set belief it is hard to allow vision of other opinions and thoughts. This is especially difficult because of the topic, sexuality within treatment of women and men.

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"Aggressive, Rage, Violence = Boys, or so they say"
Connections to Article to Video

The video, Tuff Guise 2 was disgusting because this is how manhood is depicted in our world. It states that 86% of robberies are male driven, 86% domestic violence is completed by males. The percentages increase as rape comes into picture at 90% male driven. These percentages back up what the video and the reading is speaking about the view of the male gender.

The world shows us that men need to be seen as angry, tuff and able to handle physical pain as stated by the book, Guyland. I think this is wrong, this teaches young boys the wrong idea so they grow up thinking it is not okay to show emotion unless its anger and disgust. This idea is carried on in the movie, The tree of life. The father is showing the son how to physical fight so he can gain fierceness to survive in this world on his own. "boys will be boys" is ridiculous. This article backs up what Kimmel say as it states that it has nothing to do with genetics in any way, it said that having the male parts does not in anyway mean that they will hurtful towards others around them.
The father said "to be your own man." I could not imagine listening to my father if said "hit me" like this boy in the movie. Kimmel states that these people who believe in the saying. The article brings up "Boy Code teaches them that they are supposed to be in power and thus to act like it." This is telling young boys that to be considered a man you have to have some kind of power and to act so all see your power. Not all kinds of power are positive, such as being able to play Call of Duty seen in the documentary. This depicts men in service as powerful because they use a gun to kill people, the whole point of the game is kill people. However, in life that is not a main goal of people's lives so this game says that it is not necessarily bad to kill. A solider kills to keep our country safe so it is seen as heroic. Despite that, it sends the wrong idea to the public. It was not heroic in any way when that man went to Sandy Hook Elementary, where he killed 26 people. 

For boys and older men they feel pressured by others as they do not feel comfortable feeling emotion. Many negative outcomes can occur, such as hurt name calling such as "fag", or "homo." Boys and young men are scared to show what they feel. Being manly is far more then your genetic make up, the documentary states that it is not gender that determines aggressiveness. Instead it is the complex factors around such as Call of Duty, the idea that boys will be boys, movies like The tree of life and books like Guyland.

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Cinderella Ate My Daughter
Peggy Orenstein


Looking back to my childhood, I did play with barbie dolls and American girl dolls. I watched Disney Princess Movies and I loved watching the happy endings. I do not regret playing with all of these toys because it conjures memories of spending time with my sisters and friends. Despite that, I hate what these toys and movies can teach young children, especially young girls.
This chapter was so thought provoking. One thought I had was that that I never had a favorite princess, I thought it was strange that I did not. Now I believe it had a positive impact on my life. Tinkerbell was my favorite and still is now. Her spunky wings, her simple green outfit, her ability to fly was fascinating, and her lack of make up. I made fairy houses and wore fairy costumes. I pretended that I could fly. I did not want a dress or make up to have fun, it seemed unnecessary to my young eyes. I always felt weighted down. How could a fairy fly if she felt weighted down?
 While reading this section I thought how in Tinkerbell world, Pixie Hollow all fairies have some kind of power that makes all of them equal. Tinkerbell has the power of creating items that benefit the land of Pixie Hallow, her friend of water has power to control the water. Another one of her friends has a power to help and heal animals. It is a world where no one is better than one another instead its a place where people work together. It is fantasy but there are places in reality that are like this. For example, The Dancin Feeling. This studio operates because there are 9 Ballroom instructors and two assistants that make the studio a success. The co owners, Kathy and Randy cannot operate this studio without the help of the other instructors and assistants. In the world of a princess, they would not allow a place like the Dancing Feelin to operate the way it does because there can only be one princess so there could only be one dance instructor.

Orenstein explains a story of picking up her daughter from preschool, when her daughter has learned that only one princess is allowed per land. "Daisy had only one fight with her best friend during their three years of preschool- a conflict so devastating that, at pick up time, I found the other girl sobbing in the hallway? My darling daughter had insisted that there could only be one Cinderella in their games-only one girl who reigned supreme." "Princesses may confide in a
sympathetic mouse or teacup, but at least among the best-known stories, they do not have girlfriends." In all of the movies, the people work for the royal princess as "she rules the land." The rules are; men work outside the home while the women clean, cook and care for the children. Young boys play until dark while girls play with their dolls inside, making them look pretty and attractive. When you see they princess she has make up on, their hair is styled just "right", they are wearing fancy long gowns with matching heels and they have make up on. It would not be socially accepted for a princess to be seen in yoga pants, t- shirt, and sweatshirt without any make up on. Princesses would not be seen in a movie like that so a young girl who plays with Disney dolls would not imagine a day without make up or dresses while playing dress up.

Once I was old enough to play with American Girl dolls, I was given Kit Kittredge for my birthday. I can remember the excitement I felt once I ripped apart of the wrapping paper on my birthday. She came in her "Meet Kit Outfit". I had such fun bringing her to life as I played with her alongside my sisters and their dolls, Addy and Molly. Our parents told all three of us how special it was to have an American Girl doll so we had to treasure it. At the time I was scared to find out what would happen if we did not care for them so I treated my doll like it was just like my favorite stuffed animal. I would always make sure Kit would be in a safe spot while I was not with her. I kept her dressed and my mom would help me organize all of her all outfits and extras she came with. 

 Receiving these pieces of Kit's "life" was a big deal as we did collect all of them as they were so expensive. I remember I had the her lunch set, her bed, her school supplies, a holiday outfit, her typewriter set, and possibly the table and chairs. I do remember reading the stories that came with her, I was fascinated that my doll was from an historic era. Kit grew up during the thirties, during the depression. She learned how appreciate life and what her family had. Kit even went out to find a way to help her family during the difficult time. I knew Kit was a doll but I remember treating them with more respect than barbie dolls. American Girl may not be any better than Barbie, despite that I am not sure it affected me like is has other girls. Orenstein brings up a fact that relates to my thoughts on American Girl, "The dolls are eighteen inches high with notably realistic, childlike proportions, no barbie bosoms here." Orenstein seems respect the doll in the sense that they do not look like adults, it shows children that Kit, Addy, Molly and Kristen are young and that being young is an important fun time of everyone's life. She touches on that this dolls literally have a story, "Their worlds can be re-created with astonishingly detailed period clothing, furniture, and other paraphernalia.

The kit for Kit, a Depression ear girl who dreams of being a journalist, includes a miniature "reporter she lived through the depression. She was forced to move to the attic because her parents had to rent her room out to another family so they could survive during that ruff time. I was able to appreciate the Kit extras I had because I only a few items that belonged to Kit. Orenstein said "the creator of American Girl said she wanted her dolls to offer an alternative, normally inspiring vision of girlhood, one that would, in the process, express her own passion for history." 
set" with an authentic looking leather bound notebook, tiny pencil, and eraser; a period camera and a stack of newspapers, tied with twine, showing her byline splashed across the front page." I think if each American Girl doll had a little less tangible items it might hold a more powerful statement. I personally did not have all of the team Kit had, I believe that was important. Kit did not have a lot growing up as

Orenstein seemed worried to open this world to her daughter. However, she did say "Reading the books, though, I was struck by their representation of the past as a time not only in which girls were improbably independent, feisty, and apparently without constraint but, in a certain way, in which they were more free than they are today." I do not balme her for worrying because showing the right image can be hard. She felt falling into the material world as she said " In fact, Kit, Addy,Molly, and their friends could never afford the dolls that represent them- an irony that became particularly piquant in fall 2009 with the introduction of Gwen, a $95 limited edition doll who was supposed to be homeless." When she was at the store with her daughter she felt distraught as she spent $500 dollars on one doll and the extra pieces. It is not giving her daughter the wrong image, these dolls should be showing the importance of being a kid, using what you have. These girls in their stories did not have a lot growing up. These dolls are falling short of showing young girls how to have fun as a child because it has become all about having everything that Kit has and if you have it at home. 
Final thoughts: we must be careful with how we are shown toys as young children as what we are taught young live with us after we walk into adulthood. Lessons that we learn can long lasting effects in more way than you think. 

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Map of all the readings!

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"Something About The Subject Makes It Hard to Name"


"The new mestiza copes by developing a tolerance for contradictions and tolerance for ambiguity. She learns to be an Indian in Mexican culture to be Mexican from an Anglo point of view."

This quote is stating that this woman is learning how to be a person from multiple heritages. She has composition of personality that is made of Indian, Mexican, and Anglo descent, her personality is not made of one descent. It has become such a contradiction because almost everyone on this planet did not come from one descent. My mom is part Italian, Irish, and American while my dad is part German and American so they are living a different life as these cultures differ. The way food is loved is very different in Italy and Ireland. However, it is not bad. All of these complexities are a good thing.

For example, think of all the people who traveled to Ellis Island to make a new start in life. They came from other countries so right away your heritage will not be a 100% the same, young person who traveled to Ellis Island may meet and marry someone once in america who is of different descent. That is not a taboo thing to do, variety is important as it makes the world go round.

"They'd like to think I have melted in the pot. But I haven't, we haven't. The dominant while culture is killing us slowly with its ignorance."

America was meant to be country where all nationalities were accepted and brought into the melting pot of many cultures and hertiatges. Despite that, the idea of a melting pot has not been encouraged as a positive idea while co existing with other clutures. This is because the white culture is ignorant. Ignorant means to be unaware, uneducated about a certain topic. The reality of America is more like a salad, what is not accepted or understood can be taken out like a piece of carrot or cucumber.

Ignorance can have multiple meanings as well. It can mean that someone is illiterate, if they are unaware of how to read and write they will miss out on how certain races are treated in school when children learn about their history. It could also stand for shallowness, someone without any care for the topic at hand. There may be some white people to this day that may not care for the rights and privileges of black people. They could be more focused on what is directly affecting them instead.

"Like others having or living in more than one culture, we get multiple , often opposing messages. The coming together of two self consistent but habitually incompatible frames of reference causes a cultural collision."

This is stating that the occurrence of more than one culture within a family is very common, and with that there are opposing messages seen that relates to the multiple cultures. These messages that are sent due to multiple cultures lead to a collision of cultures. This is not fair to anyone in any cultural situation. For example, look at the percentage of interracial families. Someone cannot be blamed for marrying someone of a different culture because culture should not come into play in marriage as much as it can. 58% of American Indians  married someone outside their culture, 28%of Asians chose to marry someone from a different culture, and 19% of the black community are married to another who is not of African American descent. Culture should not affect our world as much as it does, it is an important part of our life. Despite that we need to look at the group of people who seem different as human beings.

Final Thoughts: This brings up the question of acceptance, are we as a country inviting people with welcoming arms into this country? It is funny because America is considered the land of free, where all can make a life for themselves. How can we allow people that if we are not being accepting of them.

Saturday, October 10, 2015

"Compulsory Heterosexuality and Lesbian Existence" by Adrienne Rich

                                  Compulsory Heterosexuality and Lesbian Existence 
                                                              By: Adrienne Rich

Rich believes that women are forced upon heterosexuality and that is reinforced by many social factors. "Biologically men have only one innate orientation- a sexual one that draws them to women- while women have two innate orientations, sexual toward men and reproductive toward their men."
What Rich is saying that women are meant to be attracted to men, that is an innate or natural factor within life. 
 This is not fair to any woman regardless of their belief. If men are allowed to do whatever they chose or believe women should be able to do the same. Unfortunately, women do not have that opportunity. We all see this at a young age, and we do not even realize it. For example, in movies such as Disney Movies. They have different characters, different settings but all have the same plot. The main character, the girl is in trouble in some way. The only way she can come to solution it includes a male character coming to their hand. In all movies of Disney Princess movies, you rarely see a female character coming to the rescue, it is always a man. 

Take the movie, Sleep Beauty for an example of women living by a man's word. King Stefan and his wife want a child, they end up with a daughter named Aurora. Instantly this innate attraction to men exists as Aurora is promised to Prince Phillip, the son of another Royal family near the land. Aurora is given 3 fairies, they all her a gift. When Merryweather tries to give her gift, Maleficent thunders in angrily throwing a curse on Aurora because she was not told or invited to meet Aurora. She declares that the princess will prick her finger on the spindle of a spinning wheel on her sixteenth birthday and die. She then disappears in a swirl of foul purple clouds. Merryweather can’t revoke the curse, but she changes the effect of the prick to a deep sleep instead of death, out of which the princess can be awakened by the kiss of true love. A distraught King Stefan orders a bonfire of all the spinning wheels in the kingdom, attempting to circumvent Maleficent’s powerful curse. Saddened, he also allows the three fairies to take Aurora away from the kingdom in order to protect her. To hide her, they will raise her without their magic, as mortal peasants. They rename her Briar Rose. The catch to the curse is that Aurora must be waken up by true loves kiss. It is not exactly stated that is it man but it is expected because you would not see another women kiss Aurora awake. Only women romantically interact with men. 
This "real" story of Sleeping Beauty is quite funny because Sleeping Beauty was orignially written by the Grimm Brothers. What wakes Aurora up is not a kiss but nudge from her child. She was impregnated while was unconscious. 

An opposing view made by Rossi, who believes that women are innately sexually oriented toward men. "That the lesbian choice is simply an acting out of bitterness toward men." Women are not social allowed to be lesbian, that is it not a choice.This is why all Disney Princesses end up with a prince at the end of the movie.  Merida, from Brave a Pixar production faces the same problem. Regardless of the intent, Merida stands out more than just a princess. 

The synopsis of Brave is quite refreshing in one respect. Merida is a part of a royal family within the realm of Scotland. She is an adventerous princess, who rides her horse all over the land, she is an skilled archer who loves the power of being independent. During a point in the movie she becomes upset because over dinner. Her mother reads a letter about 3 suitors from other royal families who will be taking part in adventurous tasks to win Merida's hand. Merida jumps from the table and leaps for a ride on her horse. She cannot imagine being fought for, sitting around waiting to see who will become her husband. I agree with the character's opinion. I never want to be fought for, that is not how you find your love. Even though Merida is meant to be married at the end of the movie just like all of the other princesses, she does not end up getting married. Merida fights for her freedom, her right to her life. How she wants to live her life, make the choices on her own.  

It is so depressing that the Disney Princesses come from Grim Stories. We re told that Disney owns the stories but Grimm made the original stories, Disney simply fluffed them up so they sound happy and cheery. 

Comments: Reality is not the kind of world we always want to be a part of. However, should we encourage our children to watch movies that teach us to wait for someone to save you, that it is okay for your daughter to expect a man will come to your rescue? I am not sure its right because form personal experiences, my knight in shining armor has been my best friend, my mom, my dad and most importantly, myself.

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Visual Update to Land of Limitations

U.S.A. - Land of Limitations
Nicholas Kristof

Kristof felt that America is boasted as the "land of opportunity." Kristof does not believe that America gives us all opportunities. He said that "my friend, Rick Goff was smart, talented and hard working, but he faced an uphill struggle from birth. "Talent is universal, but opportunity is not."

Kristof believes that you are born into a social class and you are bound to that social class for your reminder living. Kristof friend, Rick experienced a less than fortunate life. His mom passed away when he was 5, and his dad was an alcoholic who abandoned the family. His grandmother took over the authority. He was not an excellent student in school so he ended up dropping out at 10th grade from a lack of support and drive.

I do not exactly agree a 100 percent because there are some exceptions to this idea. The site, People Like US that gives resources and stories of how people are affected by social class. One of the stories is about Charles Stoughton. He was raised in Chicago suburb of Lake forest. Charles was the third son of well known local surgeon. Charles is good looking, well spoken and spent his education at private schools. He was suppose to carry on the line of attending medical school within his family as his sister, and brothers had. Charles decided to drop out during his sophmore year at Stanford. He moved to Louisiana, where he worked on a shrimp boat. As time passed, he worked as a housepainter in the area. He lives in a double wide trailer with his wife, who works as a K mart chaser along with their three children. Due to his lack of a degree he only makes $25,000 and his parents do not visit.
Charles was born into a great family of wealth, popularity, and success.

Regardless, Charles was given a choice just like his other siblings. His brothers and sister chose to continue on the line of medical careers in the family while Charles gave up that life. He may have been exposed to a great life but it did not seem to strike his fancy. The whole of idea of being stuck in the same social class according to the "societal system" is not 100 percent valid. There is always an exception to the rules.

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Diversity Week: Advocacy and Beyond

How would you define blindness?
Eye Opening Experience
Annual Fall Access Challenge

Sponsored by: Advocacy and Beyond Club, Sherlock Center and Disability Services Center

Visual impairment also known as vision loss, it is the decreased ability to see to a degree that causes issues that can not be solved by aids, such as glasses. Prior to this event, I did not know what being blind meant. I went to a conference geared to young people dealing with a disorder. I spoke with another delegate, who experienced visual problems. They said they see only what is right in front of them while everything else around them is unclear. Despite that explanation,
I was still confused.

My dance teacher suffers from astigmatism
What I learned today is that there are different levels of being blind. There are 4 levels of visual function. They are normal vision, moderate visual impairment, severe visual impairment and blindness according to the International Classification of Diseases.

What is so mind blogging is that the causes of visual impairment that is uncorrected refractive errors comprises 30% to 43%. An example of uncorrected refractive errors are myopia and astigmatism.  Myopia is when things that are close in sight are clear while things further away in distance are blurred. This occurs as the eyeball could be too long or the cornea may have an over abundance of curvature, the clear front cover of the eye. Another refractive error is astigmatism. It is a vision condition that creates blurred vision due to irregular shape of the cornea or the curvature of the lens inside the eye. This keeps the light from properly focusing on the retina that leads to blurred vision at all distances.

Looking at all of the technology that help people who lack some sort of vision put it into perspective. There are aids such as braille, walking canes, and verbal technology for computer use. For example, Kurzweil 1000, it is a software technology designated for people who are blind or visually impaired. register the text and read it aloud, take notes, summarizing the text. This brand is currently used within the Disability Center here at RIC, and I have been told such positive feedback about Kurzweil.
Imagine living in this world without a vision.
The system will

Of all of the assistive technology, I find braille as the most interesting. I learned that braille is formed within a unit of space called braille cells. The position of all of the dots are determined by the numbers, 1 through 6. To make a letter, you must type the right numbers on the braille applicator. To make a uppercase letter, a specific button must be pushed and then the corresponding numbers to the right letters. While watching braille letters formed by the expert, I was amazed because that is
how people with low vision communicate and
 do their work for school. It seemed like such a
process as a code that must
be decoded not a language.

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Its better late, than never! U.S.A. Land of Limitations

U.S.A. - Land of Limitations
Nicholas Kristof

Kristof felt that America is boasted as the "land of opportunity." Kristof does not believe that America gives us all opportunities. He said that "my friend, Rick Goff was smart, talented and hard working, but he faced an uphill struggle from birth. "Talent is universal, but opportunity is not."

Kristof believes that you are born into a social class and you are bound to that social class for your reminder living. Kristof friend, Rick experienced a less than fortunate life. His mom passed away when he was 5, and his dad was an alcoholic who abandoned the family. His grandmother took over the authority. He was not an excellent student in school so he ended up dropping out at 10th grade from a lack of support and drive.

I do not exactly agree a 100 percent because there are some exceptions to this idea. The site, People Like US that gives resources and stories of how people are affected by social class. One of the stories is about Charles Stoughton. He was raised in Chicago suburb of Lake forest. Charles was the third son of well known local surgeon. Charles is good looking, well spoken and spent his education at private schools. He was suppose to carry on the line of attending medical school within his family as his sister, and brothers had. Charles decided to drop out during his sophmore year at Stanford. He moved to Louisiana, where he worked on a shrimp boat. As time passed, he worked as a housepainter in the area. He lives in a double wide trailer with his wife, who works as a K mart chaser along with their three children. Due to his lack of a degree he only makes $25,000 and his parents do not visit.
Charles was born into a great family of wealth, popularity, and success.

Regardless, Charles was given a choice just like his other siblings. His brothers and sister chose to continue on the line of medical careers in the family while Charles gave up that life. He may have been exposed to a great life but it did not seem to strike his fancy. The whole of idea of being stuck in the same social class according to the "societal system" is not 100 percent valid. There is always an exception to the rules.

Diversity Week: Disability and Employment

Diversity Week:
Disability and Employment:
What you Need to Know

Overall, the research and laws regarding disability in the workforce were valid. They all hold power such as the ADAAA, which is the Americans with Disability Act Amendments Act. This act keeps all people with disabilities, who hold jobs a fair chance as this act does not allow discrimination in any way. However, the way the information was given could have been completed differently.

The speaker was like a magic eight ball, simply spitting answers out. While she spoke, she utilized a power point. In theory, it was a great tool for presenting. Despite that it was not executed successfully. Many slides had densely phrased facts and information. It was very difficult to pay attention. When making a slide the idea does need to be explained but it should be done in a list form so it is easier for the audience to read.

Another aspect that could have helped her presentation is using real life experiences. It could be of herself or someone dealing with a disability, who is willing to share their experience in the working world. When examples of people are used, a presentation comes to life. It could be a student who recently graduated, who deals with a disability in the working world. If we were to hear someones real life experiences I believe it would have made all of the audience members listen more closely.

At the beginning of the presentation, the audience was given a copy of the power point. While working through the presentation, I leafed through the power point. One slide stated "Impairments That Should Be Found to Be Substantially Limiting." The list included disabilities such as Deafness, Blindness, Mobility impairment and Intellectual Disability. Despite those, I did not see language based disorders. I found this offensive because our language can act as a barrier as much as Deafness can. It may be different but it still affects how we function in day to day life. I thought how wrong this is because there are so many language based disorders.
The Learning Disabilities Association lists 11 different disorders on the homepage of their website. Of the 11 stated disabilities is regarding to memory. It is comprised of our "working memory", "long term memory", "short term memory." If someone has an issues with all parts of our memory or even one part of their memory, the capability to store and recall information required to complete a task can be comprised.

Another statement the speaker stated that I do not exactly agree with is when to tell the possible employer of your disability. The speaker said that at pre offer of an interview you may not mention any detail regarding your disability. She continued on by saying that is okay once it is post offer before employment is over, which is when the new employee can about health related questions. I went on an interview for a Daycare center, called "Way To Grow" in the summer. In my interview with the director and owner I purposely mentioned my experience with dealing with a disorder because that was part of the reason I was applying to this specifc job. I stated how my disorder, dyslexia has allowed me to grow to see children in two different perspectives, without a disability and with a disability. The owner and director saw how my disability assisted in forming a passion for helping children. As a result, I was hired. Before I was graced with this great news, they told me that it would be a couple of days till I found out my employment status. Despite that, I checked my email that night and the owner sent me an email stating that I was being offered a position.

With every "do and don't " there are always exceptions because every career is different so each business looks at perspective employees in different angles.

Saturday, October 3, 2015

" Johnson's" Privilege, Power, and Difference

Power, Privilege, and Difference
By Allan G. Johnson


Dictionary.com defines Power, Privilege, and Difference as....

Power means to have possession of control or command over others.

Privilege means a grant to a individual of a special right.

Difference means to be not alike in character or quality; distinct

I believe that to understand what Allan Johnson is trying to tell us, we must understand the idea of what the words, previously stated. All of these words holds a much stronger meaning, they tap the glass and breaks down what world we actually live in, the reality.

“People are tagged with other labels that point to the lowest-status group they belong to, as in "woman doctor" or "black writer," but never "white lawyer" or male senator". Any category that lowers our status relative to others' can be used to mark us; to be privileged is to go through life with the relative ease of being unmarked.”  "Allan G. Johonson"

It is so frustrating that people, specifically women are seen as the "woman lawyer" or as the "black CEO." We as people should be simply know for being that amazing lawyer, who has won many cases with great success. Or be that CEO who is respectful and does the best for his company. Our gender and race should not have anything to do with our success. If you want to be successful you have to try, from personal experience while I am working towards a certain goal I do not think how I am white. I work till I achieve my goal. I remember one day, I was home my mom called me to come watch something on ABC news. She mentioned that it was about a ballet dance, I rushed in and ended up missing the tide bi about her. However, my mom explained what it was all about. "Her name is Misty Copeland, she recently made it big in the ballet world." My mom continued on by saying how she would be performing in some shows in the month of December. She also mentioned that Misty was in a commercial about preserving to reach your goals, I needed up watching it on youtube. I was in love but my mom told me that it was not aired. I felt an uproar of emotions. I said to my mom, "she should be known for the dancer she is, not that she is a great black dancer." Misty Copeland took ballet classes because she loved ballet, this has nothing to do with her skin color. 

While i watched this, i was in awe. I remember saying to my mom, "I hope I could be a as great a dancer as Misty." What I about her is that she tries her hardest to put all of the harsh comments about her enthcity because she knows herself that it has nothing to do with her talent in dancing. 

“Male experience is what patriarchal culture uses to represent human experience, even when it is women who most often live it.” Allan G Johnson

Patriarch is defined as a person regarded as the father or founder of an order or class according to dictionary.comDictionary.com. The idea that men are in charge while women have deal with being second to the male gender is ridiculous. My mom always says that we come into this world the same way and we all leave this world the same way, so none of us are better than anyone else. Male and female are difference biologically and mentally but that is not a negative thing, it is how we were meant to be made. If we are living in the same world we should be experience our life fairly Within the idea of SCWAAMP, "M" stands for maleness. This screams how males are favored, for example they paid more for the same job a women holds simply because they are male. A women is paid 79% of what a man is paid for working at the same level. There is no legitimate reason to discriminate women in the work place finically  because of their gender.  For example, my sister went to school for civil engineering  Her school of engineering was a ratio of 3 guys to 1 girl. Since she graduated she works at General Dynamics in Groton, CT that is government established facility working nuclear engineers. In the departments she has worked in there has been two thirds male in her office. This should not matter in any regard. 

I have watched my sister work tirelessly through out the week, many filled with over time completed some successful work. While working, she has seen many male co workers slacking off, enjoying a fight of throwing food at other co workers in the office. Why are paying women only 79% of what men earn then?
At General Dynamics there has been an acceptance of women applying to the corporation as this company has been supporting women, whether of color, and decent. For there to be a change, there must be more companies standing for this as it is a different world now. 

“The public response to feminism has been ferociously defensive precisely because feminism touches such a deep nerve of truth and the denial that keeps us from it. If feminism were truly ridiculous, it would be ignored. But it isn't ridiculous, and so provokes a vigorous backlash.”  Allan G Johnson

Johnson strikes such a chord with this statement. Feminism now has so accumlated so many meanings as the world has evolved. According to Dictionary.com, feminism means "to advocate for social, political, and other rights of women that men have acquired".  While the Merriam Webster Dictionary states that feminism means, "a belief that men and women should have equal rights and opportunities." Dictionary.com stated like women must work for this goal of equality while Merriam Webster states it like women already have the same rights that men have. In the year, 2015 the idea of feminism is the opposite of narrow. An article done by CNN states that less women are getting married or women chose to marry later in life. It is different but I do not blame any women for the choice they make. For the longest time, women were seen as a dependent to a man. Now that we have more freedom to be on our own, many women take the chance to be single, get their masters degree, travel constantly simply because they have the opportunity. 

Personally, I love this idea. I do not live my life looking for someone depend on because being independent is amazing. You can accomplish so much on your own as you have time for yourself. I work for a mother who went to school to find a husband and have a family. She told me that it was a year after she graduated that she was married and months later was pregnant. I can remember going home in such confusion. I said to my mom how I never would consider going to school to find a husband. Going to school is something you should do for yourself, to better yourself as learner and make a happy world for yourself. This mother is almost living in movie like "The Help." Where the women would go to school and then move on to family life while the man worked outside the home. It drove me crazy. 

Emma Stone, who played as Skitter, who was the one girl who went away to school outside of the town where she grew up. She continued on to get a job at the Jackson Journal once she came back home. Her mother said, "you can write my obituary and mention that she has a daughter who is single." Skitter's mother did not understand her daughter. She was proud of skitter but could not comprehend the life she wanted, working for a paper, traveling and going beyond Jackson. Skitter's mom was a true southern women, who had a baby, had a black nanny to care for Skitter and for the whole house while she did whatever she felt she wanted to do. Skitter represented the women in the coming generations, such as myself. This character and I had the same intention to go to school beyond high school to better ourselves so we could find a great career, where we can benefit from. Skitter and I also have anther trait in common, boys. Throughout the story she has one "boyfriend"and I have few to count as well. Both my relationships and her relationship did not last because the guy wanted something completely difference; power, domaince, being a follower, and a kind of girl who wants to stop her life after making a family. 

Sunday, September 27, 2015

Addition to Generation M


The way women are viewed is quiet daunting. If any change is made it must be a strong force of making a difference. It would be great to know that women are getting paid as much as men are and treated as equals in the work force. The question is how will this change take place? Who will be a part of the movement? How will others respond to this change?

Generation M

Media as a Feminist Issue
Generation M viedo


Generation M reminds us that at a young age, girls are told that they find happiness through their appearance. We are told that girls focus on make up and shopping. This idea or "norm" is false. The media teases us which leads to girls believing in the messages from the media. For example, one in five girls feel negative affects when not wearing make up according to an article called, "From Barbie's to Blush." That is ridiculous, I did not start wearing make up officially until I turned 18 years old. I would wear it sometimes before then, however I did not feel the most comfortable wearing it. I did not understand the reason for make up. It seemed more like paint to me. It was more enjoyable to use paint on a canvas than your face. Make up shows you an ideal of what you could look like but underneath it is simply a accent to your appearance.

There are so many other negative effects of the media put toward young girls and women. The video, "Generation M" reminds us of that as it states, 95% of people affected by eating disorders are women and 80% of girls who live in California have been on a diet by 4th grade. http://www.mirror-mirror.org/perfect-body-image.htm  This link states the reality, something that the media neglects to mention, what really happens beneath the surface. Girls should not have to feel that they can only eat this much or eat this because that dessert has too many calories. Girls and women should feel that it is okay to eat what is appropriate for you body. Women and young girls go to doctors so they are told what is good to eat and what should be avoided. These doctors are being ignored because of the media, the media does not know what is the right height and weight for a girl or women. A doctor knows, someimtes I have to remind myself that I look great and do not need to go on diet. Its difficult but I could not image cutting a sweet like cookies out of my life or throwing it back up so I look a certain way. I do not understand why girls feel the need to be constant diet after diet. Listen to the people you trust because the media is not something you can trust.

Even though my perspective on my body image is positive now does not mean it was like that while growing up. I am sure that i can vouch for other woman as well. It was embarrassing when you knew you could not fit into the clothes at the store Limited too. It was crisis because at the time everyone wore those clothes, so it did leave others out of the club. I personally felt uncomfortable because whether you like it you would be judged by what you wore to school. During elementary school and middle school we all wanted to conform to being essentially Barbie. A doll, who was skinny, had pretty blond hair, very tall and great size feet. Thankfully at some point we all discover how that is impossible. The article from New York Daily news states that her measurements of her body would not allow her to walk and function as a human. Barbie would have to walk on all fours, like a dog or a cat. Barbie was made to 5' and 9"and weight 110 pounds. The average american women is 5'4" and weighs in around 166 pounds. Barbie's waist does not even hold all her organs as it is only 16 inches. Which only holds half a liver and a section of intestines.  There is a picture alongside Barbie, it is a women who looks like an average women. She has proportional height with realistic size feet, and she can walk on her feet.

Women are forced to look a certain way. Through this force, women are only hurting themselves. Looking at the bigger picture, all women are beautiful. The beauty is seen through our differences. This women within the video tells us about her life, how she is seen as a tall women. The media is so focused on our appearance when beneath the skin is far more important.

Saturday, September 26, 2015

The "F" word
"Feminims in Jeopardy"
Kristin Rowe Finkbeiner


Kristin Finkbeiner wrote "The F word" to speak on behalf of the jounery women have been on since existence. She breaks down generations by waves, the first, second and third. The first wave helped women receive the right to vote. Finkbeiner reminds us that women to this day are still fighting for a whole sense of independence and freedom to vote for all that men can vote for.

Truth famously countered men who said that women "are weak and need to be helped into carriages, and lifted over ditches."
This quote represented how women were being treated during the 1800's and early 1900's as well as before. They were seen as property that had to be protected. Women were seen as second to a man because the man was person in the family who worked to bring home the bread, while the woman would take care of the child.  Women are underestimated, the group of women fighting for the right to vote were relentless. They did not give up, some women were put in jail, fined and took part in hunger strikes and some were apart of marches on Washington, such as Alice Paul.

Women weren't working for pay. It was just the way of life," says my grandmother.
Her grandmother continued by saying "This is not true of all women, you know. This is only true of those women who were fortunate enough to be able to do it."

At this point, it was nearing the end of the first wave of women's fight. Even though women had the right to vote, it did not allow women to do too much else. Women at the time were only allowed to be a school teacher, secretary, libraian, nurse which was called "women's work." Women had made a slight tap on the glass. It was a new idea for the country to think women had valuable opinions in regards to voting for political seats. Within the ability to vote, not all women could vote. There were women such as Harriet Tubman, who resuced slaves did not have the right to vote. It only included women who were white with middle class or upper class status. This movement of "freedom" had begun but it was only the very beginning. In this time women did have a "window" of a world but their "window" was half of what a man's window was. Women were fighting to pull the rest of their "window" out of the dirt so they could have equality in their life.

Irina Dunn said "A women without a man is like a fish without a bicycle."
This was stated around the time when the second wave began. This wave focused on women's independence from and equality with men. They ran with the power of being able to vote, right to electoral advocacy, and right to create legislative solutions to make a stronger break into the "window."

Regardless of the politically related rights women had, they were like a helpless fish. They were expected to be at home, watching the children, making dinner and cleaning the house. With the slight exception of the women who could work outside the home but those jobs women could do were limited. Women were stuck to men like glue, they were physically unable to be their own person. It would be taboo to  consider themselves "single" or have a child with someone other than your husband. Women were not being held up to their true standards. I found it humorous because for almost a year my friend was the parent working outside the home,  bringing home the bread to her child. Her significant other did not have a job with benefits and good pay like my friend. It was not an easy time for my sister. However, It was empowering to see my sister as the "head of the house."

It is sad because it was not accepted to be dating a signficant other and have a child with them. Life was like "my way or the highway" when going up against social norms.

Looking back on the role women played in history frustrates me. Reading text like "The Good Wife's Guide", stating to prepare yourself. Take 15 minutes to rest so you'll be refreshed when he arrives. Touch up your makeup, put a ribbon in your hair and be fresh looking. He has just been with a lot of work weary people." Honestly, I believe that I should not have to look a certain way for someone who I may have feelings for whether there is a marital status. For example, some days I would come home from school. My mom would be finishing up some around the house. She would not be wearing anything special and she did not have any make up on her face. Its normal, to do house work you should feel comfortable so you can get your "things to do" done.