Monday, November 9, 2015

"Aggressive, Rage, Violence = Boys, or so they say"
Connections to Article to Video

The video, Tuff Guise 2 was disgusting because this is how manhood is depicted in our world. It states that 86% of robberies are male driven, 86% domestic violence is completed by males. The percentages increase as rape comes into picture at 90% male driven. These percentages back up what the video and the reading is speaking about the view of the male gender.

The world shows us that men need to be seen as angry, tuff and able to handle physical pain as stated by the book, Guyland. I think this is wrong, this teaches young boys the wrong idea so they grow up thinking it is not okay to show emotion unless its anger and disgust. This idea is carried on in the movie, The tree of life. The father is showing the son how to physical fight so he can gain fierceness to survive in this world on his own. "boys will be boys" is ridiculous. This article backs up what Kimmel say as it states that it has nothing to do with genetics in any way, it said that having the male parts does not in anyway mean that they will hurtful towards others around them.
The father said "to be your own man." I could not imagine listening to my father if said "hit me" like this boy in the movie. Kimmel states that these people who believe in the saying. The article brings up "Boy Code teaches them that they are supposed to be in power and thus to act like it." This is telling young boys that to be considered a man you have to have some kind of power and to act so all see your power. Not all kinds of power are positive, such as being able to play Call of Duty seen in the documentary. This depicts men in service as powerful because they use a gun to kill people, the whole point of the game is kill people. However, in life that is not a main goal of people's lives so this game says that it is not necessarily bad to kill. A solider kills to keep our country safe so it is seen as heroic. Despite that, it sends the wrong idea to the public. It was not heroic in any way when that man went to Sandy Hook Elementary, where he killed 26 people. 

For boys and older men they feel pressured by others as they do not feel comfortable feeling emotion. Many negative outcomes can occur, such as hurt name calling such as "fag", or "homo." Boys and young men are scared to show what they feel. Being manly is far more then your genetic make up, the documentary states that it is not gender that determines aggressiveness. Instead it is the complex factors around such as Call of Duty, the idea that boys will be boys, movies like The tree of life and books like Guyland.

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  1. Great post and reference of various sources. Thank you! All of this just shows us how deep these dysfunctional issues go in our society and cannot be addressed properly on a surface level.