Sunday, September 27, 2015

Addition to Generation M


The way women are viewed is quiet daunting. If any change is made it must be a strong force of making a difference. It would be great to know that women are getting paid as much as men are and treated as equals in the work force. The question is how will this change take place? Who will be a part of the movement? How will others respond to this change?

Generation M

Media as a Feminist Issue
Generation M viedo


Generation M reminds us that at a young age, girls are told that they find happiness through their appearance. We are told that girls focus on make up and shopping. This idea or "norm" is false. The media teases us which leads to girls believing in the messages from the media. For example, one in five girls feel negative affects when not wearing make up according to an article called, "From Barbie's to Blush." That is ridiculous, I did not start wearing make up officially until I turned 18 years old. I would wear it sometimes before then, however I did not feel the most comfortable wearing it. I did not understand the reason for make up. It seemed more like paint to me. It was more enjoyable to use paint on a canvas than your face. Make up shows you an ideal of what you could look like but underneath it is simply a accent to your appearance.

There are so many other negative effects of the media put toward young girls and women. The video, "Generation M" reminds us of that as it states, 95% of people affected by eating disorders are women and 80% of girls who live in California have been on a diet by 4th grade.  This link states the reality, something that the media neglects to mention, what really happens beneath the surface. Girls should not have to feel that they can only eat this much or eat this because that dessert has too many calories. Girls and women should feel that it is okay to eat what is appropriate for you body. Women and young girls go to doctors so they are told what is good to eat and what should be avoided. These doctors are being ignored because of the media, the media does not know what is the right height and weight for a girl or women. A doctor knows, someimtes I have to remind myself that I look great and do not need to go on diet. Its difficult but I could not image cutting a sweet like cookies out of my life or throwing it back up so I look a certain way. I do not understand why girls feel the need to be constant diet after diet. Listen to the people you trust because the media is not something you can trust.

Even though my perspective on my body image is positive now does not mean it was like that while growing up. I am sure that i can vouch for other woman as well. It was embarrassing when you knew you could not fit into the clothes at the store Limited too. It was crisis because at the time everyone wore those clothes, so it did leave others out of the club. I personally felt uncomfortable because whether you like it you would be judged by what you wore to school. During elementary school and middle school we all wanted to conform to being essentially Barbie. A doll, who was skinny, had pretty blond hair, very tall and great size feet. Thankfully at some point we all discover how that is impossible. The article from New York Daily news states that her measurements of her body would not allow her to walk and function as a human. Barbie would have to walk on all fours, like a dog or a cat. Barbie was made to 5' and 9"and weight 110 pounds. The average american women is 5'4" and weighs in around 166 pounds. Barbie's waist does not even hold all her organs as it is only 16 inches. Which only holds half a liver and a section of intestines.  There is a picture alongside Barbie, it is a women who looks like an average women. She has proportional height with realistic size feet, and she can walk on her feet.

Women are forced to look a certain way. Through this force, women are only hurting themselves. Looking at the bigger picture, all women are beautiful. The beauty is seen through our differences. This women within the video tells us about her life, how she is seen as a tall women. The media is so focused on our appearance when beneath the skin is far more important.

Saturday, September 26, 2015

The "F" word
"Feminims in Jeopardy"
Kristin Rowe Finkbeiner


Kristin Finkbeiner wrote "The F word" to speak on behalf of the jounery women have been on since existence. She breaks down generations by waves, the first, second and third. The first wave helped women receive the right to vote. Finkbeiner reminds us that women to this day are still fighting for a whole sense of independence and freedom to vote for all that men can vote for.

Truth famously countered men who said that women "are weak and need to be helped into carriages, and lifted over ditches."
This quote represented how women were being treated during the 1800's and early 1900's as well as before. They were seen as property that had to be protected. Women were seen as second to a man because the man was person in the family who worked to bring home the bread, while the woman would take care of the child.  Women are underestimated, the group of women fighting for the right to vote were relentless. They did not give up, some women were put in jail, fined and took part in hunger strikes and some were apart of marches on Washington, such as Alice Paul.

Women weren't working for pay. It was just the way of life," says my grandmother.
Her grandmother continued by saying "This is not true of all women, you know. This is only true of those women who were fortunate enough to be able to do it."

At this point, it was nearing the end of the first wave of women's fight. Even though women had the right to vote, it did not allow women to do too much else. Women at the time were only allowed to be a school teacher, secretary, libraian, nurse which was called "women's work." Women had made a slight tap on the glass. It was a new idea for the country to think women had valuable opinions in regards to voting for political seats. Within the ability to vote, not all women could vote. There were women such as Harriet Tubman, who resuced slaves did not have the right to vote. It only included women who were white with middle class or upper class status. This movement of "freedom" had begun but it was only the very beginning. In this time women did have a "window" of a world but their "window" was half of what a man's window was. Women were fighting to pull the rest of their "window" out of the dirt so they could have equality in their life.

Irina Dunn said "A women without a man is like a fish without a bicycle."
This was stated around the time when the second wave began. This wave focused on women's independence from and equality with men. They ran with the power of being able to vote, right to electoral advocacy, and right to create legislative solutions to make a stronger break into the "window."

Regardless of the politically related rights women had, they were like a helpless fish. They were expected to be at home, watching the children, making dinner and cleaning the house. With the slight exception of the women who could work outside the home but those jobs women could do were limited. Women were stuck to men like glue, they were physically unable to be their own person. It would be taboo to  consider themselves "single" or have a child with someone other than your husband. Women were not being held up to their true standards. I found it humorous because for almost a year my friend was the parent working outside the home,  bringing home the bread to her child. Her significant other did not have a job with benefits and good pay like my friend. It was not an easy time for my sister. However, It was empowering to see my sister as the "head of the house."

It is sad because it was not accepted to be dating a signficant other and have a child with them. Life was like "my way or the highway" when going up against social norms.

Looking back on the role women played in history frustrates me. Reading text like "The Good Wife's Guide", stating to prepare yourself. Take 15 minutes to rest so you'll be refreshed when he arrives. Touch up your makeup, put a ribbon in your hair and be fresh looking. He has just been with a lot of work weary people." Honestly, I believe that I should not have to look a certain way for someone who I may have feelings for whether there is a marital status. For example, some days I would come home from school. My mom would be finishing up some around the house. She would not be wearing anything special and she did not have any make up on her face. Its normal, to do house work you should feel comfortable so you can get your "things to do" done.

Sunday, September 20, 2015

Week #4
"Oppression" by Marilyn Frye


The word, oppression is defined as the exercise of authority in a cruel or unjust manner. Marilyn Frye related oppression with the concept of feminism. Frye broke down how women are actually treated not how they should be. The feminist movement has helped change that treatment, such as women receiving the right to vote. However, this feminist movement needs a significant amount of help. 

On page 18, Frye brings up the double standard women face regarding their sex life. If a women par takes in sexual activity. From that she may receive either good or bad vibes. Some men will say positive comments while others will criticize, and say that she was an easy lay. While her friends will ask her why did she waste her time with that loser. Both ends are making the young women feel horrible which is not plan. On the other side, a young girl said no to the invitation she will still be criticized. Men will say things like "just calm down" or "relax." In this instance, she is seen as a man-hater or cocktease. It is not fair because that is asking a lot of a women to go on that level. To ask for sexual favors and rudely comment after a failed attempt is not right. Its the women's choice to say no or yes for her own reason. 

This is personally frustrating and offensive for obvious reasons. Despite that, it also hits my life in a different way as well. It reminds of last year, my friend had told me that her sister was pregnant. I knew this was not planned and I also knew how scared she was. My friend told me that was not sure. I had said I would not be either, I could not imagine being in her spot. Feeling so much uncertainty and shock.  While we spoke about this I always became so worked up because it is my friend's sister's choice. It is not anyone else's choice, she can ask for advice but ultimately it is her choice to make. The idea of "pro life or pro choice" is not as clear cut as it seems on the exterior. 

Learning about all my friend's sister had to consider if she kept the baby caused my head to spin. Bottles, diapers, baby food, high chairs, clothes and all of those items have to be up to safety standards for the child's protection. She had to factor in where she was going to live. Would she have to move out into an apartment or would she stay at home? How was she going to pay for the child's medical needs, would the child have special needs? Was the baby's dad was going to stay in the picture?

Looking from an outsider's perspective, I could see how much that was for an 23 year old to decide. It had only been a few months since she graduated College. She was not sure if she wanted the baby because of all the previous thoughts running through her head. My mom told her that once the baby is here, its not your life anymore, it is all about that child's life.

When a women goes through this type of road barrier in life judgemental comments should not be said or even thought. You will never know until you experience it for yourself, feeling hurtful words thrown at you is not kind. When we hurt others we are not progressing, we are taking one step forward and three steps back. 

Points to Share: When you are faced with life chaining choices a couple things come to my surface of my thoughts. Your life is all about focusing on improving you, not worrying about someone else's life. You do not know until you walk a mile in their shoes." Author unknown. Exterior walls can be so deceiving only until you look through them. 

Hello, my name is....


I am Emma, I am a from Connecticut. I have two older sisters and one cute little niece. Currently, I am senior this year with the intentions to graduate next year. I have changed my major more than once but I finally have a general idea of what I want to do with my life. Which is a great feeling.

I love to dance, bake, and color! However, I am always open to new, exciting things!