Saturday, November 28, 2015

Addition to Social Justice Events: Diversity Week:  Disability and Employment

While listening to this speaker talk on behalf of Diversity and Employment I saw connections to SCWAAP. SCWAAP is an ideaology that we live by as we are born into it. SCWAAP stands for Straightness, Christianity, Whiteness, Able Bodiness, Americaness, Maleness and Property Ownership. The speaker stated how people who deal with disability(s) may deal with some hardships as they move from interview to interview. This group of people are judged by their Able bodiness. The employer questions if they can physically withstand the job, the employer continues to question as they wonder where is this person coming from. What social class? One aspect that is declared instantly is Maleness, is the interviewee as women or men because women are paid less than men are within the work force. For example, if I were to interview for a place of work they would question if I could handle the job duties if they were aware of my language disorder. The employer may assume that I am not qualified because I am not socially comfortable and I become confused at written work easily. While this employer would be proven wrong as I am smarter than a person with dyslexia is given credit for. Employers do not always take the time to see how some people with language difficulties need to translate the work in their own way to understand what they must complete.

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