Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Feminism: what's it to you?


Extended Comments (Brook's Blog)
"Fear of Feminism" by: Lisa Maria Hogeland

Whether or not women are afraid of feminism. I hav
e never thought about that. Despite that, I would have to agree on that belief that Hogeland holds. While reading Brooks post about Hogeland's article my questions were answered. Women are fearful of feminism as Brooks brought up the point Hogeland made, which is stereotype of feminism. The idea that if you are feminist automatically makes you lesbian. It is so crazy to assume that because there are many women who support feminism in many ways. For example, I believe in feminism and I still considered myself straight in my sexual orientation. 

These stereotypes are keeping all women from the one goal they are aiming to reach, which is equality with men. Everyone deserves equality regardless of your sexual orientation. Women deserve to feel acceptance just like anyone else whether you are blue or an alien or a male. Gender is our status; socially and legally as a women, men, boys and girls. Gender is also how we feel about ourselves and how we express our gender. overall, the culture is in control towards gender roles and how mascline and felinity is defined as told by Planned parenthood.Planned Parenthood asked, what does it mean to be a women or a man? They answered by stating sex organs is not exactly the right answer because it is a group of things, such as our beliefs, behaviors, and our characteristics. How do you act, talk and do you behave like a man or a woman. Are you both feminism and masculine or feminism or masculine. 

Feminism correlates with these words, dependent, emotional, quiet, graceful, flirtious, soft, sexually submissive. While masculinity is defined as independent, non emotional, aggressive, tough, competitive, sexually confident, self confident. It is ridiculous, all women can feel self confident in themselves. It is how women have made strides in history such as gaining the right to vote. Women are equally sexual as men even though they may show it differently but that is okay. We were made the way we were for a reason. Personally, I hate the feeling of dependency so I try to be as independent as possible. I can do what any man can do, I may acomplish the task in a different manner but that is not a big deal. Its say that we wait for the prince to come save the damsel. Honestly, i would hate to wait for some prince. I would try my hardest to be deepened on only myself. I find this idea of stereotyping gender with certain words because women have testosterone. Everyday health states that women have testosterone because its important to the mix of horomones that keep women's mood, energy levels and sex drive functioning properly.  If we share similar horomones then I have no problem in seeing a man cry because we al have emotions. 

Men should be accepted when they feel  same traits as women because we all cry and have our quiet moments. We all want sex and feel independent. The media has such ludicrous views of men and women, let the people be. It is not possible to mold someone to the ideal person because it does not exist. It is more than our physical gender that defines who we are. 

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